Although it is still the summer, now is the best time to shop for the fall!  Almost all sweaters are on sale at most stores, and even if they are full price its good to score the hottest fall trends before they run out.  Today I’m talking about slouchy sweaters.  Slouchy sweaters are perfect for that transition between summer and fall because they offer a breeze and they generally aren’t that heavy.  The are also great because you can wear the with skirts and shorts and they still look perfect!  Some stores that have cute slouchy sweaters are: Urban Outfitters (a bit more pricey than normal), Nordstrom Rack and Nordstrom, and ASOS.  I have two pictures attached of the way I style my slouchy sweaters. The first look is a sweater from The Limited paired with a skirt and necklace from Forever 21 and boots from the brand Soda.  The second look is a sweater from Target paired with a bustier top from American Eagle, high-waisted shorts from Forever 21, black Birkenstock sandals, and socks from Victoria’s Secret.



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