So guys! I’m back with another new favorite of mine and guess what…I made them (no shocker there).  I saw all of these cute boots for the summer and fall that had crazy embellishments on them for $200+ and that is ridiculous.  I also saw that people bought cowboy boots just to cut them and fold them (INSANE WASTE OF MONEY) so I used an old pair of boots from Charlotte Russe and made them into these beauties! I used some lace from an old shirt for the bottom lace layer, an old belt for the left boot, a belt for $1.26 on the right boot, some yarn I had stored in my room, and some striped fabric from a dress I altered! And the Aztec part? Well there’s a story about that.  I was shopping at Icing one day in my local mall and the manager said he forgot to ship out some lanyards so he threw two in for 2 cents each!!! All I did was cut off the metal hook part and the clasp and there I had it!  So yes, I technically spent less than $2 on this adorable DIY. MUCH better than the $200 boots on eBay plus you can customize how you want!  And if you don’t believe me on the heinous prices I added two pictures of customized boots on Pinterest (one with the price).  One of the things I always say is “Why do people pay full price for things when they can make it themselves”?  So go do this DIY yourself and send me comments on how yours look!



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