So the summer is now coming to an end! Very tragic; however, that means we’re one step closer to FALL *insert heart eye emoji*.  The approaching season of fall also means being able to transform your summer wardrobe to fall to save some money!  Off-the-shoulder tops are extremely wonderful because they are super chic and allow some air to breathe, yet you can pair it with jeans if it’s a chilly night and still not freeze!  They are a staple piece for the end of summer and beginning of fall for anybody looking for an on-trend, cute top to wear!  I bought this adorable top from Target (on clearance of course yet still wonderful!), the shoes were bought from on sale for $5 around February, the hat is from Banana Republic (a hand-me-down from my older cousin), the necklace is from the store Icing and I got it on clearance for $2, and the jeans are from PacSun!  The reason I’m telling you all the different pieces and the prices is just to show that you can get many different items, even on sale, and still make an adorable ensemble!  So take this post and run with it, make your own cute off-the-shoulder outfit!



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