I’m going to start the post with a basic picture of a portion of my dresser! Almost all of the items on it have been made/upcycled by me!  I hope you enjoy this post and the basic DIY’s I’ll explain.


This first DIY is a basic frame that I literally purchased for 97 cents!  The gems I got in a HUGE bag from Michaels (retails for $14.99 but I had a coupon so I got it for about $8 with tax) and have used for so many things (and still have some left!!!).  The monogram I printed from a website called chicfetti.com and it has a ton of different FREE monogram printables with no strings attached!


This next item is a jewelry container that I made!  It was plain wooden but I painted it white, hot-glued felt to the inside to make it seem more professional, and then glued all the jewels onto it.


The next item I created was very fun to make!  I took an old candle holder that I purchased at Goodwill and spray painted it white.  The next thing I did was take a paper towel roll, roll up a newspaper and put it inside, cut two index card circles and glue them on the ends, and then spray paint the roll (this took many tries to get the paint to stop running but the end result was worth it!).  After both the stand and roll dried, I glued them together and added the lace (to both sides) and cut up ponytail holders to either side (I used different colors in order to give it some versatility)!  To finish everything off, I hung some of my statement necklaces on it.  I think the end result is amazing.


This item is a piece I had to get creative with!  For the jar itself I used a pickle jar and instead of mod podge that normal people use I just used glitter and plain old liquid elmer’s glue and it turned out fine!


The last item is one i am most excited about.  Yes.  I covered a Starbucks jar in jewels.  Get over it.  Just kidding!!  Indeed, I did cover a Starbucks jar in jewels; however, I think this would look cute in anybody’s room!  I used it as a change holder so it looks cute AND is functional.


And that’s it!  I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I hope it inspired you to do some DIY decor for yourself.


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