I know I haven’t posted in a while but school has been very busy!  I just got done with one of the most stressful weeks of the year.  But since it FINALLY feels like fall on campus I thought I’d post a picture of an outfit that could work for fall or winter!  I love layering and mixing prints especially subtle ones that look amazing together so that’s what I did here!  The flannel was purchased at Goodwill for $3.75 (originally from Banana Republic), the sweater was bought on sale for $4 last year at Forever 21, the socks are from Victoria’s Secret as are the leggings, and the necklace was purchased for $8.  I think this outfit is amazing and cozy for the fall for all body types.  I posted a picture of my nails and nail polish because I LOVE matte polishes in the fall time.  Even though it’s not the best picture or paint job ever since I forgot to push my cuticles back, I wanted to post a picture anyway!  I think I will try black next (pictures will be posted).



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