So today I was browsing Pinterest in my normal fashion and I came across this skirt and thought “I can make this.”  For a seamstress, this is easily the best feeling ever because you know you’ll be able to spend the next 5 hours working on a project.


This dress was selling for $110.00 on Etsy and I made mine for $5 (honestly less about $2 because all the fabric I got was $5).  I would call that some good savings!

I got to work on the skirt and I breezed though it at first.  I had no problems until I got to the zipper.  I broke two zippers and had almost given up when I remembered I had an old dress from my internship that I could pull a zipper from.  So I ripped the zipper out with no difficulty and attached it to my skirt.  For the bra/bralette/crop top I have on, I spent many tedious minutes on it.  It was a bra from H&M that was old and I never wore and I used a broken necklace (also from H&M) for the accents.  For any of you that know me, I very clumsy and burned myself with the hot glue that I used (band-aid in pictures is directly from that incident).  I hope everyone enjoys this post and I love you all!


Thanks to my sister for all the great pics!

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