New Years Eve Looks

New Years Eve Looks


New Years Eve Looks by mandamary featuring bustier tops
This post is to feature New Years Eve looks that one might wear to ring in the next year! The basics of the outfits above are a top and bottom that include a solid and a sequins or a sequined dress.  The shoes I picked are gold sequined flats and suede black heels.  I feel as if either is perfect to wear with these outfits!  Bustiers are some of my favorite item to add to an outfit.  They’re sexy enough without being trashy when paired with a classy outfit. The two featured are pretty expensive, however, has cute and cheap bustiers as does  I hope you all enjoy these looks and I hope they inspire something brilliant from you all these New Years Eve!
Love, Mandy

Birthday Gifts/Haul

Well as most of you know, my birthday was on December 9th!  So yesterday.  But I thought I would post about what my friends and family got me.  Since my birthday is so close to Christmas, this might help some of you get last minute gifts from friends and family!

From my friend Kendall, she purchased me all these amazing gifts.


The first was the gold sparkly tumbler from Starbucks that I’ve been eyeing lately.  I am obsessed with anything that shines so this is great for anybody who shares that obsession! (I believe this tumbler is $10.95)

The second gift was socks from American Eagle. They are $7.95 each and amazing for anybody who enjoys wearing boots or just soft cozy socks around the house.

The last set of gifts was the candy.  Kendall and I both share the same favorite candies, Sour Gummy Worms and Reese’s, so this was an awesome gift.  If you need an idea of what to get a friend, going with a medley of favorite candies is the way to go.

The next set of gifts is from my friend Rikki.  I am obsessed with green tea.  Grandma much?  But it is my favorite warm drink (other than coffee of course) and she knew this so she bought me three boxes *insert heart eye emoji.*  This is a good gift to get a friend or parent or even grandparent!  Find a warm drink they like and get a variety of brands.


She also got me an adorable mug to go along with it.  This is an awesome addition to a gift such as this.

The last item is the Spongebob candies.  Rikki knows Kendall and I are obsessed with Spongebob and so she found this candy set and thought it would be perfect.  Now your friend’s favorite show might not be Spongebob but getting a gift that is based off of a friends favorite movie or tv show is a great idea!

The last person I got gifts from was my boyfriend.  He got me a flannel and my other gift is still in the mail (oops!).  But this is a great idea when it comes to gifting.  If a friend has a favorite type of clothing, discreetly find out their size and BAM a great gift.


The last picture I will talk about is the items I bought with the birthday money my dad gave me.  I have needed a new purse but hate buying expensive things because I’m clumsy and destroy them.  So while shopping at Marshalls, I found this adorable bag from the brand “Olivia + Joy” that retailed for $72, was at Marshalls for $19.99, and I purchased on sale for $16.  So if your friend is like me, GREAT GIFT.  Bralettes and bustiers are very in right now when it comes to fashion and I have been wanting one, just not wanting to spend money on one.  The one I bought today was originally $32 but I bought it for $7.99 at Ross.  Candy is a must and Reese’s are my fav.  Nuff said.  The soccer ball may n=be random to some but I have played my whole life and really needed a new ball! And what better color than pink? (None).  The last thing was two matte lip sticks.  Now I have a matte lip-gloss and I loved it so I wanted to try other brands.  The NYX caught me off guard.  It is a strange texture yet holds to your lips very well.  The elf is awesome too and is like a eyeliner pencil almost.



NYX ($5.99 I think at Target)


E.L.F. ($3 at Target)

I hope this helped anyone who was struggling with gifts to get people!  Happy Gift Shopping!