This is a post I decided to write because of the good and bad experiences I have had with ordering clothing from companies based in China.  A few years ago I had a formal event where I need a ball gown.  I happened across a beautiful blue gown online that was very cheap from a Chinese company.  I never looked at the reviews or anything and WHAT A MISTAKE THAT WAS.  It came and it was made out of wretchedly cheap tulle and other fabrics and I could not have been more upset, and concerned.  I spent a good amount of money on something and it wasn’t even good enough to wear.  This was my bad experience with Chinese post.  The good experience I had was with the dress pictured here.  I looked at all of the reviews, the ratings, and everything and decided there were enough good ones to make a purchase!  So my advice when shopping from China is to ALWAYS check the reviews and ratings and make sure it has a 4.0 rating or more.  Hope this helped!  Thanks for reading.

xoxo, Mandy



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