Succulents Under $10

Now if you’re anything like me you LOVE succulents and cacti. I wanted a terrarium for so long and I finally made one last week and wanna know the most expensive part? Activated Charchol. Weird right? $21 for one bottle (I got a discount). But for just random casual succulents at home I cracked the code on getting them cheap! Walmart has some for less than $4 (depending on the size), but even the very large ones are around $5.50! This one I bought was $4.44 and then I got the pot for $.73 and the base for even less….my total? LESS THAN $7. I then painted the pot with some paints I had at home (they’re $.93 each at Walmart so even if you paint your pot it’s still under $10). So I hope this helped you if you ever wanted to get started! Large bags of potting soil are only about $4 each too if you don’t have any soil already. Thanks for reading! 

xoxo, Mandy 


Pom Pom Sandals

Lately I have seen Pom Poms all over Fashion! Pom Pom sandals are all the rage but spending $50 on a pair? NO WAY. So I decided to make my own (the usual). I took an old pair of black flats that I don’t really wear anymore and added some Poms! I found the spools at Target in the dollar spot for $1 each and was ecstatic. I chose red, white, and yellow because they’re very versatile and great for the summer! I also used mod podge to keep them on the sandals. Hope you enjoy! Here’s some pictures and how to style them.