Off The Shoulder Dress DIY


You’re probably thinking, “wow, another off the shoulder post?” I can’t help it! I love off the shoulder items. So when I saw the picture above I knew I had to try this. It was so easy! All I did was go to Goodwill and find a men’s button up (preferably very large since this will be a dress), bring it home, and stitch! I found one that was more blue than this but I still liked it. It cost $3.85 at a local Goodwill. To start, you just cut across the top of the shirt cutting off the neck and a bit of the shoulders. Next, you fold over the top fabric about and inch and then stitch around leaving a small gap at an end. The last step is to insert the elastic, stitch up the small gap you left, and then you’re finished! I decided to keep the collar and use it because I think it gives the look a little something extra. The shoes I’m wearing in the picture are from Macy’s and the bag is from Marshalls!


Hope you enjoyed!

xoxo, Mandy