I had a request from my very best friend Mikia to do a tailgating outfit idea post! Now I myself am not a tailgater but I have seen many outfits posted from when people actually do! This is what I came up with. I chose this very cute romper from (linked) and I got it for only $10!!! It’s now $18 but totally worth the purchase. For a tailgate, I would choose a very comfortable dress/romper. You can wear it for the tailgate and game and still not feel gross. My sunglasses I actually purchased on River Street in Savannah for like $5 but there has to be similar dupes around whatever town you live. Sunglasses are also a must for tailgates. The sun will be beating down into your eyes basically the whole afternoon/evening and you don’t want to get a headache. My shoes. Now when I was browsing through Marshalls I never expected to find these beauties. THEY. ARE. SO. PERF. I got them for $27.00 on sale which is more than I normally choose to pay but I took it as a sign that they were exactly my size and purchased. Comfortable yet cute shoes are always a must for tailgates. I recommend a flat just because you’ll be standing a lot but a comfy wedge like this is always a must! Jewelry is always needed to tie together a look. I suggest buying a neutral gold or white necklace that can go with many outfits. That would be the most cost effective! My tassel necklace is from Forever 21 (similar linked) and my gold/pink necklace is from Charming Charlie (similar linked, almost identical!)! The number one thing that will make your tailgate outfit perfect is making sure it includes your school colors (GA Southern REPRESENNNNT)! I hope this helped you get some ideas!

xoxo, Mandy


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