Hello again everyone! I found this adorable project on Pinterest a few months ago and just never really got around to making it until a few weeks ago! The one I saw used different confetti, a different desk organizer, no monogram, and different glue, but the idea was still the same. I am also very happy with how it turned out!

I went Target shopping with my BFF Mikia a few weeks ago because she wanted desk supplies before she went back to school and finally found the perfect organizer to used for this in the size I wanted! This was the top and bottom. Pretty boring right?


So I painted it white of course! Gotta keep with my room theme.


Then once my confetti came in (from Posie Project) and I got the glue I needed, I was set! The original post I found used a different mod podge glue but honestly any mod podge that says “gloss” will work fine.


After this I used one whole bottle and I was satisfied at first but realized it would be smoother with a second bottle. What did my impatient self do? Used my other bottle of mod podge instead of going to Walmart the next day for another of the bottle pictured (horrible idea because it legitimately took two weeks to dry).

IMG_3346.JPG(This was with one bottle)

IMG_3395.JPG (This was after bottle 2 so you can see why I was a bit concerned)



More waiting………




It does look better in person and the dark spots are just the gold pieces of confetti but I’m still super happy with how this turned out! Check it out on my Instagram (thecommonmandy). So excited to use it. Hope this inspired you to get crafty!

xoxo, Mandy


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