You’re probably looking at this like hold up…ONLY $17?!?! Yes. I went to the mall tonight for Victoria’s Secret’s 7 for $27.50 sale (whoop whoop!) and came back with a little bit more than I thought I would. I first went to forever 21 and saw they were having a Buy One Get One Free Sale (whoop whoop x2!) and found these super cute Espadrilles for only $6.99. The “Get One Free” part was the purse and that was also $6.99! So a I spent a little more than $7 there. I then made my way to Icing which I love because they have cute trinkets and jewelry. These SUPER SOFT lounge pants and the “Whatever” mug are from there and guess for how much each…..$2!!!! I honestly do not know how I got both for two because the mug had a $5 sticker and the pants had a $12.75 sticker so I was pleasantly startled when she rang me up; especially since I have been eyeing this Clueless mug for about a year. Last but not least! The adorable long necklace from Earthbound Trading Co. It is like the long necklaces you can wrap around your neck as a choker and then leave a strand to hang down. I also got this for only $2! It was on clearance for $4.97 but everything was 30% off. Overall I’m super happy with my purchases and the deals I got! I’m always and advocate for sales and right now everyone is having end of season clearance deals! So even if you find no clothes you like, or if you don’t want to spend money on summer clothing, you might be able to fins some super cheap jewelry and accessories!

xoxo, Mandy



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