Hobby Lobby Haul

I’m going to start by telling you guys how I ended up at Hobby Lobby. I woke up very excited to do nothing on my first day off in a week and then my mom told my my tire was flat. I then had to take my car to the car place and this lovely nail (that was a good 5 in long) was the culprit. Shout out to Augusta construction am I right?img_8053-2

Hobby Lobby is in the same shopping center as the car place so I thought I would stop in! I found some awesome new things and great deals and only spent $21 total.

The first item I found were these adorable jewelry holders that I got for half off! I loveee calligraphy and this adorable a was perfect. I also loved the vintage-esque ring holder that is also pictured.


The next thing was this super cute faux calf hair and gold pillow cover. I have a white, gold, pink, and black theme in my room and knew this would be so perfect in there. I haven’t taken it out yet but it looks adorable! Hobby Lobby had a lot of covers (with fur too!!) in this area all on clearance so you should definitely go check it out.


After I saw this I made my way to the wall deco area and discovered this gem. I have a slight (okay MAJOR) coffee obsession and this is exactly like a picture frame except it is like a wall hanging! Perfect for any desk. I also got this for half off so it was about $3.img_8065

The last item, which I saved for last because I was so excited. THIS AWESOME AMAZING COOL ITEM WAS $5.99 AND I KNEW I NEEDED IT. This is labled as a candle mat or desk container and I don’t know what I’ll use it for yet but I don’t care.

SEE!!!! So freaking cute. I love love loveeeeeeee it. That’s all for today though! Hope you enjoyed this post!

xoxo, Mandy