$1 Bin Finds

Whenever I end up at Uptown Cheapskate I always make sure I look in the $1 bin. Now, yes, most of the time it’s sad summer (or fall) leftovers that I’d never even consider putting on but often times you can find a hidden treasure or two. I happened to find this lovely J.Crew skirt for ONLY ONE DOLLAR. I was ecstatic. And it just so happened to be in my size! Second hand shopping isn’t for everyone but it is a wonderful way to get gently used (and sometimes new!!) clothes for half or a third of the retail price. I have even found “new with tags” items at Goodwill before. So if you’re shopping on a budget, this is the technique I 100% suggest! I styled this skirt with a $12 sweater from Forever 21, glasses from Eyebuydirect, a tassel necklace from Charming Charlie, and a Tortoiseshell watch from Fossil. Hope you enjoyed this post! 

xoxo, Mandy


Live Love LOFT

I started a new job in September and it’s been the best retail job I have had! Ann Taylor LOFT is the best community I’ve met but the deal are also amazing (something I hadn’t realized before I started working there). Yesterday I was swiffering the store before we opened and I remembered that I put a pair of shoes on hold a while back. So when we opened I checked the price and they ended up being 14.88!! An amazing steal. Especially when they retailed for $89.50. This post is not to brag but it’s to show that deals are everywhere if you know where to look. That’s always how I find deals! Stores will always have a clearance or sale section you just have to have the patience to sift through. 

xoxo, Mandy