Spring has sprung! At least in Georgia where it’s already in the 70’s in February. Today I came home from class and realized I needed to 1) fix my closet completely and 2) re-organize it for the spring/summer! I normally put the things I wear that season the most in the middle. So I’ll start from left to right on how I organized it. The first thing I have on the left is flannels and then sweaters/log sleeved knit items. I put them to the side because I might still use them for a cool evening or dinner event. I then have my long sleeve chiffon tops/wovens, short sleeve chiffon tops/wovens, and lastly short sleeve knits and wovens. These are all together because I wear them with pants or skirts year round. I next have my dresses and skirts since it is, of course, spring! Pants are next followed by sweaters, blazers, and vests. This is how I set up my wardrobe and I hope it helps you with yours! 

xoxo, Mandy


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