Now a couple years ago, I was completely against the 90’s grunge vibe but recently I have come to LOVE it. I’ve seen the fishnet grunge look all over and wasn’t sure how I wanted to pull it off. While browsing Pinterest I came across these two photos:

I used these for inspiration and went on my search for the perfect fishnets. Most places sell then for $10-$20…..For tights?! While I was at the Augusta Mall last time I went home from school I was just casually browsing and I found the perfect pair at this little store called Edge! They resembled the first picture almost to a tee and I knew these would be the best plus…..they were only $5.99! I had a friend from school (@so.tres on Instagram) ask to shoot me so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try out my 90’s grunge look interpretation. IT WAS A GREAT IDEA. He took amazing pictures but my outfit also turned out perfectly.

The tee shirt was a gift from my mom from a concert she went to with my sister (Free), the tights are from Edge ($5.99), and the boots are from Just Fab ($14.95 w/ shipping)! It was an amazing experience and showed me that you can make a super cute grunge look for not too much money. Hope y’all enjoyed this post! Keep a lookout for more.

xoxo, Mandy


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