Let’s Flamingle

Let's Flamingle

Let’s Flamingle by mandamary featuring a white top


Fishnets: On Trend and Fabulous

Now a couple years ago, I was completely against the 90’s grunge vibe but recently I have come to LOVE it. I’ve seen the fishnet grunge look all over and wasn’t sure how I wanted to pull it off. While browsing Pinterest I came across these two photos:

I used these for inspiration and went on my search for the perfect fishnets. Most places sell then for $10-$20…..For tights?! While I was at the Augusta Mall last time I went home from school I was just casually browsing and I found the perfect pair at this little store called Edge! They resembled the first picture almost to a tee and I knew these would be the best plus…..they were only $5.99! I had a friend from school (@so.tres on Instagram) ask to shoot me so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try out my 90’s grunge look interpretation. IT WAS A GREAT IDEA. He took amazing pictures but my outfit also turned out perfectly.

The tee shirt was a gift from my mom from a concert she went to with my sister (Free), the tights are from Edge ($5.99), and the boots are from Just Fab ($14.95 w/ shipping)! It was an amazing experience and showed me that you can make a super cute grunge look for not too much money. Hope y’all enjoyed this post! Keep a lookout for more.

xoxo, Mandy

Collars Make Me Holla

Ever since I was younger I’ve loved statement and Peter Pan collars. The more color the better am I right? The other day I was stuck in my room sick but I can’t ever just lay there unless I’m really dying so I starting DIYing (HA!). I love the Instagram account studiodiy and found this on their blog. A DONUT COLLAR. Me being an extreme Dunkin’ enthusiast was ecstatic to find this. 

So while laying in bed I decided to pull out my old paints and give it a go. My interpretation is not as adorable as theirs but it’s still super cute! I linked the webpage for it so if you guys wanna try it out too go ahead! This is my version of it. 

Hope you enjoy and try a DIY for yourself some day! 

xoxo, Mandy


Lately I’ve been very obsessed with iridescent colors and clothing items. This gave me the idea for this adorable skirt! I’ve been seeing many see-through garments with this idea but I wanted to make mine a bit more fit-for-campus than some others I’d seen. I went to the Walmart down the street and found this awesome see-through iridescent fabric and used a gray woven fabric underneath. I zig-zag stitched them together (my surger is broken) and then this lovely skirt appeared! I also got this pattern from Walmart for $2.97 I believe. So I got this cute skirt for virtually $15! Perfect for the summer and super on trend.

xoxo, Mandy

Closet Organization: Spring Edition

Spring has sprung! At least in Georgia where it’s already in the 70’s in February. Today I came home from class and realized I needed to 1) fix my closet completely and 2) re-organize it for the spring/summer! I normally put the things I wear that season the most in the middle. So I’ll start from left to right on how I organized it. The first thing I have on the left is flannels and then sweaters/log sleeved knit items. I put them to the side because I might still use them for a cool evening or dinner event. I then have my long sleeve chiffon tops/wovens, short sleeve chiffon tops/wovens, and lastly short sleeve knits and wovens. These are all together because I wear them with pants or skirts year round. I next have my dresses and skirts since it is, of course, spring! Pants are next followed by sweaters, blazers, and vests. This is how I set up my wardrobe and I hope it helps you with yours! 

xoxo, Mandy

$1 Bin Finds

Whenever I end up at Uptown Cheapskate I always make sure I look in the $1 bin. Now, yes, most of the time it’s sad summer (or fall) leftovers that I’d never even consider putting on but often times you can find a hidden treasure or two. I happened to find this lovely J.Crew skirt for ONLY ONE DOLLAR. I was ecstatic. And it just so happened to be in my size! Second hand shopping isn’t for everyone but it is a wonderful way to get gently used (and sometimes new!!) clothes for half or a third of the retail price. I have even found “new with tags” items at Goodwill before. So if you’re shopping on a budget, this is the technique I 100% suggest! I styled this skirt with a $12 sweater from Forever 21, glasses from Eyebuydirect, a tassel necklace from Charming Charlie, and a Tortoiseshell watch from Fossil. Hope you enjoyed this post! 

xoxo, Mandy

Live Love LOFT

I started a new job in September and it’s been the best retail job I have had! Ann Taylor LOFT is the best community I’ve met but the deal are also amazing (something I hadn’t realized before I started working there). Yesterday I was swiffering the store before we opened and I remembered that I put a pair of shoes on hold a while back. So when we opened I checked the price and they ended up being 14.88!! An amazing steal. Especially when they retailed for $89.50. This post is not to brag but it’s to show that deals are everywhere if you know where to look. That’s always how I find deals! Stores will always have a clearance or sale section you just have to have the patience to sift through. 

xoxo, Mandy

Hobby Lobby Haul

I’m going to start by telling you guys how I ended up at Hobby Lobby. I woke up very excited to do nothing on my first day off in a week and then my mom told my my tire was flat. I then had to take my car to the car place and this lovely nail (that was a good 5 in long) was the culprit. Shout out to Augusta construction am I right?img_8053-2

Hobby Lobby is in the same shopping center as the car place so I thought I would stop in! I found some awesome new things and great deals and only spent $21 total.

The first item I found were these adorable jewelry holders that I got for half off! I loveee calligraphy and this adorable a was perfect. I also loved the vintage-esque ring holder that is also pictured.


The next thing was this super cute faux calf hair and gold pillow cover. I have a white, gold, pink, and black theme in my room and knew this would be so perfect in there. I haven’t taken it out yet but it looks adorable! Hobby Lobby had a lot of covers (with fur too!!) in this area all on clearance so you should definitely go check it out.


After I saw this I made my way to the wall deco area and discovered this gem. I have a slight (okay MAJOR) coffee obsession and this is exactly like a picture frame except it is like a wall hanging! Perfect for any desk. I also got this for half off so it was about $3.img_8065

The last item, which I saved for last because I was so excited. THIS AWESOME AMAZING COOL ITEM WAS $5.99 AND I KNEW I NEEDED IT. This is labled as a candle mat or desk container and I don’t know what I’ll use it for yet but I don’t care.

SEE!!!! So freaking cute. I love love loveeeeeeee it. That’s all for today though! Hope you enjoyed this post!

xoxo, Mandy